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Section Blog Date 131018

Red-Dot Grand Prix Award

Our Mobiglobe project has won the Red-dot Grand Prix in the category Communication Design > Interface Design :-)

I will let the award celebrate both the success of the interactive visual interface design as well as the highly engaging and open interface the project established between the Autostadt and the visitor.

Statement by the jury
"MobiGlobe compiles an enormous amount of complex data on the topic of worldwide mobility and makes them accessible on media walls and on interactive stations in such a way that the content is very easy to understand. Users navigate either by touching or through gestures and thus are able to gain insights into top issues of our times presented in an exciting and impressively visualised approach." From the project entry page at

Team picture, from left:

Prof. Dr. Peter Zec (initiator and CEO of Red Dot)
Jørgen Skogmo (, thats me)
Lucas Krupp (HHMS)
Christoph Frei (CHKY)
Isabelle Bentz (HHMS)
Marija Blagojevic (HHMS)
Allan Kirkeby (Unity Studios)
Markus Schaefer (HHMS)
Kelley Cheng (Judge)