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Title TSF Date 151026 Client volkswagen Country Wolfsburg, Germany Tags electron


The TSF is a OS X desktop application built to navigate and interact with the Mobiglobe content.

It spawns three touch-screens with a combined resolution of 3840x1024 px, Its built to replace three existing apps, while maintaining the main features and interaction model.

The TSF is built on an open-source stack, with GitHub's Electron framework (that bundles Chromium and Node.js) facilitating the desktop layer. The UI is built entierly in HTML5/CSS3, with all icons as SVG and 3D content in WebGL. A highly modular Javascript application knits things together via an event-driven observables pattern. The application relays all user interactions over network to a Unity app running on a second machine. [ARCH-DIAGRAM]

Visually, the UI is actually downplayed compared to legacy apps it replaces. We aimed to bring it more in-line with the graphical language we use on the DSX project (running just next to it), and adopt 1980's wireframe rendering for the tools. [UI-COMPARISON]


The last remains of the Mobiglobe legacy applications we developed at shiftcontrol have now, with todays update, been replaced with shiny new MobiCore powered reimplementations. Dear DS; TS1, TS2 and TS3; you have served us well. Thanks for 9 good years. RIP.

Twitter 1: RIP dear TS1, TS2 and TS3. You served is well for 9 years

Twitter 2: Replaced all mobiglobe's Flash (and one Unity) apps today. The new? Javascript.

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